The Somna Blanket™ – A calming feeling of safety to make you relax.

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    All the Chain Weighted Blankets are hand made in Stenkullen, Sweden

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    The Somna Vest™ is great to use during daytime activities or while travelling

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    The Somna Comforter™ Heavy Duty gives an extra comforting experience

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  • The effect of the wearing of weighted vests on the sensory behaviour of learners diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder within a school context

    Fransli Buckle B OT, M OT Occupational Therapist at School of Achievement Denise Franzsen B SC (OT), M Sc(OT), DHT Lecturer, Department Occupational Therapy, School of Therapeutic Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Witwatersrand Juanita Bester B OT, BSc …

  • Pilot study of a sensory room in an acute inpatient psychiatric unit

    Pilot study by following researchers: Theresa Novak Senior Occupational Therapist, Missenden Psychiatric Unit, Sydney and South Western Sydney Local Health Districts, Sydney, NSW, Australia Justin Scanlan Professional Senior – Occupational Therapy, Mental Health Services, Sydney and South Western Sydney Local …

  • Effects of Weighted Vests on Attention, Impulse Control, and On-Task Behavior in Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

    Hung-Yu Lin, Posen Lee, Wen-Dien Chang, Fu-Yuan Hong OBJECTIVE. In this study, we examined the effectiveness of using weighted vests for improving attention, impulse control, and on-task behavior in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). METHOD. In a randomized, …

  • A Review of Research on the Use of Weighted Vests with Children on the Autism Spectrum

    Publication information: Article title: A Review of Research on the Use of Weighted Vests with Children on the Autism Spectrum. Contributors: Morrison, Erin E. – Author. Journal title: Education. Volume: 127. Issue: 3 Publication date: Spring 2007. Page number: 323+. …

  • Pilot study

    Somna conducted a pilot study to investigate the effects of Kedjetäcket concerning the quality of sleep.

  • I noticed a difference the first night

    The blanket weighs 8 kilos and works fine. I noticed a difference the first night I used it. I sleep better and I am more relaxed.

  • Review from one of Denmark’s most prominent physical therapists

    The text is translated from Danish. The original can be read at you can find it under “Anbefalede Redskaber – Rekommenderade Verktyg”

  • She had never fallen asleep that fast ever before

    One of my patients, a young working girl diagnosed with ADHD, suffered from difficulties sleeping. We looked at several cognitive devices. I told here about weight blankets, recommended as a treatment for insomnia.

  • I’d change my boyfriend for The Blanket

    During a period of six years I had problem with insomnia. It is really anxiety provoking not being able to sleep.

  • I can never go back to my old blanket

    During a long period I had some trouble sleeping, sometimes it could take me two hours to fall asleep and...

  • The Blanket had an immediate easing influence and my anxiety was relieved

    Waking up rested is a completely new feeling

  • It feels like the quality of my sleep has been enhanced, which gives me more strength and energy.


  • My quality of life has been improved. It is a pleasure to use The Blanket.

    Bipolar disorder

  • I feel like I’ve got my life back

    It is a fantastic feeling to be able to sleep 7-8 hours each night. During thirty years I have been suffering from insomnia and tried all medication there is

  • Suffered from nerve pains after a stroke, was prescribed with medication containing morphine but nothing helped – until he tried The Blanket.

    I spoke to you over the phone some weeks ago for one of my patient’s cases. You arranged so he would be given Kedjetäcket.

  • Report on the usage of weight blankets in the county council of Västmanland

    Report on the follow-up of usage on weight blankets in the county council of Västmanland. The following quotes are a selection of the report;

  • Thank you for a week’s great sleep!

    Expert verdicts

  • The Blanket has done wonders!

    As a thank you we recently received a letter and a flower from a girl who was very pleased with Kedjetäcket.

  • An amazing blanket; it gives you ease, reduces anxiety and stress and makes you feel safe and embraced.

    Bipolar disorder

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