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Documented reducing effect on agitation and anxiety

Documented reducing effect on agitation and anxiety


The Somna Blanket® helps more than 50,000 users lead a functioning everyday life

Difficulties in processing and co-ordinating sensory impressions are often a part of the problem in cognitive impairment. Somna’s patented innovation – the Somna Blanket®and other Somna products are cognitive aids that bring improved body awareness and greater concentration ability, and also contribute to an increased sense of calm. 

“The positive effects come from the weight, and the ability of the chains, which are stitched into channels, to embrace the body. They stimulate the proprioceptive, vestibular and tactile senses. The user becomes more grounded and enjoys greater body awareness, which brings calm and a greater sense of security,” says Sara Norgren, Licensed Occupational Therapist and one of Somna’s team of Licensed Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists.

Innovation through science

Scientific studies show that the brain’s inability to organise sensory impressions into an intelligible whole can be compensated for with weight and pressure. The pressure on the body stimulates the body’s nervous system to send a stronger signal to the brain with the correct information. Results of studies conducted by a number of different international research teams form the basis of the cognitive aids which Somna develops, produces and distributes.

“Our weighted products have been developed based on scientific results. Our products compensate for impaired cognitive ability and contribute to a higher quality of daily life for the user, by bringing a sense of security,” says Mats Dörring, CEO of Somna.

Documented positive effects

Somna’s chain-weighted blanket is a patented, CE-marked assistive medical device, developed and manufactured in Sweden. The blanket and Somna’s daytime products – vests, comforters and lap blankets – are weighted by chains, and each product is made by hand to guarantee the very highest quality.

The features that distinguish Somna’s products from other weighted products are the contouring and the feeling of being embraced. The chains increase the stimulation of the body’s tactile contact points. Thanks to their suppleness, the products are easy to carry and store. The user can also choose whether to have the softer, padded side against the body, or the side where the chains provide more tactile stimulation.

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