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Kedjetäcket has done wonders!

Kedjetäcket has done wonders!

As a thank you we recently received a letter and a flower from a girl who was very pleased with Kedjetäcket. She contacted us because she was suffering from insomnia and nothing she tried until then had helped her. She was prescribed with a blanket and now thanks to Kedjetäcket she is finally sleeping.

Brev från Caroline 130626

“We really want to thank the staff at Somna, Stenkullen for all the help we received when my husband turned to you, close to a breakdown. Although you’re not an ordinary store you gladly helped us.

“Kedjetäcket has done wonders! I used to sleep around 2-3 hours at an average, sometimes 4 hours if I was lucky. I often woke up with palpitation. Now I fall asleep in just a few minutes and regularly sleep about 6-9 hours each night thanks to Kedjetäcket. One night without the blanket and the anxiety is back.
I have also tried the blanket while watching TV to calm down, it is an indescribable feeling. My children love the blanket and crawl up underneath whenever they have an opportunity. “

“I have a very active lifestyle so it has been really hard for me to unwind at night. When I lie under Kedjetäcket, I have a warm and relaxing feeling through my entire body, it is unbelievable! Some days when it is really bad I fold the blanket double and put it over my chest or legs. “

My husband and I fully agree that Kedjetäcket is a fantastic device. We wonder why the health care does not prescribe the blanket to all patients instead of sleeping pills, sedatives and anti-depressants. I know because I have been there for a lot of years, until recently when my husband was prescribed with Kedjetäcket. It is the best we have ever tried. I can’t describe how thankful we are that there is people like you at Somna.”

Best regards Caroline

At Somna we want to thank you for your nice words. We feel so happy when we are able to help you and foremost we are so glad that you finally can sleep properly.