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Somna Blanket™

The Somna Blanket™ was created on the basis of scientific studies of the relaxing impact of weight. Due to the deep pressure applied to the body, the user experiences a feeling of safety and comfort. The Blanket enables feeling more relaxed, peaceful and can thereby improve the quality of your sleep. Medication can often be reduced or even eliminated when using the Somna Blanket™.


Somna Blanket™ Sensitive

The Somna Blanket™ Sensitive is designed to relieve agitation, anxiety and insomnia. The function of the blanket is based on scientific studies into the calming effects of weight. Using the blanket enables you to relax, wind down and achieve a better quality of sleep.

The Somna Blanket™ Sensitive has a two-in-one function: one chain side and one padded side, with twice as much padding as the classic Somna Blanket™. Having the padded side against the body gives the user a deep, pleasant pressure, while having the chain side against the body provides greater tactile stimulation. Which side is against the body is down to personal choice. The chains in the blanket follow the body’s contours and give the user a pleasant feeling of being embraced, which helps increase body awareness. The effect is that you can more easily relax and wind down.


Somna Comforter™ Heavy Duty

The Somna Comforter™ Heavy Duty is a heavier version of the regular Comforter. It weighs 15 kg and is made of a deep gray fabric which is durable and easy to keep clean. Thanks to that you can use the Somna Comforter™ Heavy Duty just as it is – without putting a cover on.

The Somna Comforter™ Heavy Duty measures 205 x 140 cm and has a convenient zip down the centre. This means it can be divided in two parts before washing. One half can also easily be wrapped around the shoulders like the regular Somna Comforter™ and the extra length means it can be a lap blanket at the same time for that extra comfort.



Somna Comforter™

The Somna Comforter™ is a day product with the same great qualities as the Somna Blanket™ adapted for use as a lap blanket or shoulder cover in daily activity. The format is for more portable with flexible handling. It has measurements of 125cm x 70cm that fits better for a on the sofa, at a desk or in a wheelchair. The fabric is thicker and more durable with the darker grey colour making it stronger and more resistant to marks. The Somna Comforter™ can easily be used as is.

When it is not suitable to use the larger Somna Blanket™ the Comforter is an easy and dependable alternative.


Somna Comforter™ Active

The Somna Comforter™ Active is designed primarily for use in the daytime. The chains inside the lengthwise channels and the granule filling on the sides shape the comforter tightly to the body’s contours, giving the user a pleasant feeling of being embraced.

The Somna Comforter™ Active is wrapped around the body using Velcro, enabling more active behaviour while also minimising the risk of tripping. The front pocket can be used for further tactile stimulation or handy storage. The function of the Somna Comforter™ Active is based on scientific studies into the calming effects of weight.

The comforter is made of durable fabric in a practical dark grey colour.


Somna Vest™

The Somna Vest™ is a day product and stimulates the proprioceptive senses, which reinforces the signals from the sensory nervous system. By tightening the Vest you get the pressure and the weight functions combined. The Vest gives the same relaxing and pleasant effect as the Somna Blanket™. It is well suited for use during an active day. The Somna Vest™ can be used underneath as well as over clothing. Worn with a sweater or jacket it is a discreet aid perfect for use during daytime.



Somna Collar™

The Somna Collar™ is an easy to handle deep pressure therapy aid that increases body awareness, improves posture and relaxes the body.

Available in 2.0kg and 2.5kg weight variations.