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Somna Comforter™ Heavy Duty

Somna Comforter™ Heavy Duty

Somna Comforter™ Heavy Duty

The Somna Comforter™ Heavy Duty is a heavier version of the regular Somna Comforter™. It weighs 15 kg and is made of a deep gray fabric which is durable and easy to keep clean. Thanks to that you can use the Somna Comforter™ Heavy Duty just as it is – without putting a cover on.

The Comforter™ Heavy Duty measures 205 x 140 cm and has a convenient zip down the centre. This means it can be divided in two parts before washing. One half can also easily be wrapped around the shoulders like the regular Somna Comforter™ and the extra length means it can be a lap blanket at the same time for that extra comfort.

The Somna Comforter™ Heavy Duty can be used for disorders that result in restless, anxiety, and insomnia such as:
Post Traumatic Stress Sydrome
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Sensory Processing Disorders
Brain injury
Substance abuse

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