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Somna Comforter™ Active

Somna Comforter™ Active

The Somna Comforter™ Active is designed primarily for use in the daytime. The chains inside the lengthwise channels and the granule filling on the sides shape the comforter tightly to the body’s contours, giving the user a pleasant feeling of being embraced.

The Somna Comforter™ Active is wrapped around the body using Velcro, enabling more active behaviour while also minimising the risk of tripping. The front pocket can be used for further tactile stimulation or handy storage. The function of the Somna Comforter™ Active is based on scientific studies into the calming effects of weight.

The comforter is made of durable fabric in a practical dark grey colour.

Adult5.5 kg
Junior4 kg

Extender panel ( 700660) 40 cm available for waists over:
Adult: Min 81 cm Max 104 cm
Junior: Min 56 cm Max 82 cm